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Highlands Food & Wine Festival


Branding / Illustration / Signage / Merchandise / Print & Digital Materials

We created the branding for the 2019 Highlands Food and Wine campaign. Located in Highlands, NC, this multi-day event brings together award winning chefs and sommeliers, along with an extensive music lineup, something that our client really wanted to highlight for the 2019 event. The entire visual identity was centered around the themes of food, wine, and music; things that bring people together.

We created the custom color palette and custom logos for each of the individual events at the festival, along with designs for print materials, signage, merchandise, navigational and promotional stickers, magazine ads and stage banners.

For Highlands we wanted to focus on the food, wine and music for imagery, while stylistically setting the scene through color, additional marks and patterns, and text. Aesthetically we designed the overall direction to be rooted in folk art, with a sense of whimsy added in to tie back to the quaint mountain town of Highlands, NC.

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