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  • What is brand identity?
    Brand identity encompasses the language, visuals, and tone for a brand. It is a collection of elements that make a brand recognizable, and differentiates you from other brands. Pieces of a brand identity may include logos, marks and elements, colors, typography, signage, writing/voice, etc. Brand identity is taking all of these elements and unifying them into a complete system.
  • What if I'm just looking for a logo?
    Logos are a big piece of the puzzle, and often the most identifiable part of a brand. However, they're limited in their impact and usability if acting alone. We use heavy research to showcase your value and set you up for the future, and we believe only displaying a logo doesn't accomplish this goal. For this reason, we do not offer "logo only" options.
  • I already have my branding. Can you design my website?
    At this time we only offer website design if we've worked with you on your branding as well.
  • What services outside of brand identity do you offer?
    For those not looking for branding, some of our other services include illustration, custom type, packaging, web design, and print and digital materials. If you have a specific project that falls outside of these services, we'd love to hear about it! We are creatives and love exploring projects outside of our listed services.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! We understand branding and design is an investment, and want to give you the flexibility to make payments. In our initial conversations we'll talk about budget, the project scope and quote, and options on payment plans.
  • Do you sell pre-made branding packages?
    No. A large part of successful branding is understanding the client and who/what they are about. What is their mission? Who is their audience? What value do they provide? What makes them unique? Similar to a doctor giving you Tylenol regardless of your symptoms, in our opinion pre-made branding packages dismiss a lot of important questions. We can't endorse that way of doing business, and for this reason do not offer this service.
  • Do you have design packages?
    We do not have pre-set design packages. We've worked with a number of brands, and each one is unique in what their needs are. We speak with you about your project and what goals you have for your business, and then put together a personalized proposal for you. This practice allows for the nuances of each project to shine through rather than trying to fit every project into a pre-existing box. When we quote a project, we do sometimes offer different "packages" for our clients, particularly if they have a more flexible budget and/or timeline. These packages give the opportunity to upgrade and further your brand experience for your customers.
  • What is your design philosophy?
    Our philosophy is that design should be intentional and thoughtful. It's authentic and communicates a story, and when it's at its best it influences and makes people feel something.
  • What is your design style?
    We don't believe we have a particular, specific style with our client work. We showcase each brand's personality, and build out designs based on our client and what their goals are. This takes shape in a variety of different design styles. We incorporate a lot of color and custom typography into our work, and one client said they came our way because they were looking for an "urban Wizard of Oz" vibe. So...maybe a little bit of that!
  • Where do you get inspiration?
    We get inspiration everywhere, often when we're not looking for it (like a lot of good things in life). Inspiration often seems to come from art history, movies, humor, nature, travel, and experiences.
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