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Grow at Eden


Branding / Illustration / Merchandise

Grow at Eden is an early childcare learning center inspired by nature. Located in Parsons, KS, Grow at Eden looks at childcare as a discovery-driven experience focusing on natural elements, outdoor play, and "spaces not defined by four walls."

For their branding, the goal was to create a look and feel that was unique within the childcare space; one that was a break from the traditional imagery and primary colors seen in many childcare centers. The imagery and colors we created to use throughout the branding are organic, promoting exploration and natural elements.

The primary imagery for Grow at Eden's branding is the brain/flower illustration. We created this to symbolize the growth and interaction between the mind and the environment. The branding system also includes a variety of logotypes, marks, patterns, and illustrations, providing options for various needs across print and digital platforms.

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