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Branding / Illustration / Merchandise / Digital Materials


Photography: Koa Smith

Brand identity for Boompa, a lifestyle brand from pro surfer Koa Smith out of the North Shore of Hawai'i. Boompa is a creative expression of Koa, the wild inner self screaming to be let out!

“Boompa is the exclamation mark when you land that new trick, make that goal or win that dance off. It's claiming back that self confidence and not giving a flying fox!" - Koa

Throughout the project we explored energetic visuals, a 3-D type exploration and multiple patterns for the brand, and wanted the work to always feel like it was moving, and to jump out at you!

We created a custom type for Boompa to form the logomark, along with illustrations, custom patterns, and a bold brand color palette. We created the cheetah illustration as a mascot for the brand, a symbol of the inner wild ready to come out. The cheetah is often seen wearing shades to showcase the expressive sunglasses and merchandise of the brand.

Boompa’s guiding message of “Let the Wild Out!” meant every aspect of the brand needed to be confident and expressive to showcase and promote their soul and energy.

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