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Illustration / Custom Type

Artwork we created for Adobe’s 2021 release of Creative Cloud. Every year Adobe commissions artists from a variety of disciplines and styles to show off the power of Creative Cloud by creating custom artwork to represent each product. Their team reached out to us to create a design using and showcasing the tools and abilities of Adobe Illustrator. The work created was designed to be featured as a splash screen for Adobe Illustrator as well as various marketing materials and on their website for the 2021 launch.

The initial details of the design were open ended, but through our initial meetings we knew we wanted to focus on something type-forward, and to illustrate in a simple phrase what it is that Adobe offers and what they stand for. After pitching a few different ideas to their team, together we came up with “Imagine” as a theme for the illustration. Imagine encapsulates the spirit that Adobe brings to the table, and offers up the notion that with imagination, anything goes. An excerpt from our initial conversations sums up the thought behind the design nicely: “Unrestrained creativity, letting ideas loosely flow...the only limit is the imagination.” That “limitless” sentiment was the driving force behind the design, which shows an energetic environment with multiple elements and forms to create a sense of whimsy, with playful, unfettered text. Each letter is unique and brings a little something different to the table, just like people and their imaginations! We also added in subtle, abstract nods to the tools commonly used in Illustrator (such as the pen tool) as well. The color palette, based off of the Adobe apps, further reinforces the lively and vibrant mood created by the design.

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